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Indulge in the calming and soothing aroma of our Lavender + Vanilla Aromatherapy Bougie Parfummee. This luxurious candle is specially crafted to promote cognitive function, tranquility, peace, calmness, and relaxation, making it the ideal addition to any self-care routine. Made with wood wicks for a soft crackling sound, soy/coconut wax that doubles as a moisturizer, and grade A essential oils, this 10 oz candle comes with a bamboo lid, making it the perfect luxury addition to any home. Say goodbye to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and stress as you immerse yourself in the gentle fragrance of this exquisite candle. Live your best, most relaxed life with our Lavender + Vanilla Aromatherapy Bougie Parfummee.

Lavender + Vanillla Aromatherapy Bougie Parfumee

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